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Love the web site brother man!!
Europe? Sounds like you're on a good roll! Call me when you get a chance.
Missed you tonight. so much. You all really know to play the blues and rock any place you are. Thank you for the good feelings you have given to this fan. Hi TL.
So glad to see you are going to be back at the Redgate on October 3rd! See you there. Love your music. The blues are part of me. I just feel it when I hear you guys play...you put so much heart into it. Hi TL. You have the blues harp downnnn, Ted.
When are you gonna play Texas? Geez, you never do anymore...
You guys rocked it last night at Redgate Vinyard! Look forward to seeing you again there and Independence riverfront on the 24th!
We saw these guys at snug harbor in lincoln city and had a great time excellent music. Looking forward to seeing them again! Thanks
What an awesome day at the at the Cherry Fest. A big Thanks to Ron also for making it happen. I am one thankful gal that Mr Eddie Gifford invited me. and so..so..loved Ted Vaughn Blues Band. You guys Rock the Blues. Can't wait to hear you again so very soon. Maddie says Hi!!!
All of you are AMAZING artists!! I stayed an extra day at Fossil Oregon MC Run just to hear you kick it for two nights!!!! Best B-Day weekend EVER!!!! Thank You
Ted, jus' saw the piece KEZI did on your work at A.S.O.S. interesting. hope all's well with y'all. when ya gonna make it back to Eugene?
Wandered into the Hops n' Barrel last night and caught your act. Excellent music, really well played by everyone in the band, nice dynamics and I could go on but you get the idea. A super big thank you to Clay for stepping out on a limb, handing me a guitar and allowing me the honor of sitting in with such a great group of professional musicians. Clay is a top notch guitar player and I was loving all the great stuff he was playing. You guys have a good thing going and I hope to see you again soon.
'Hope to make it up to Mill City tonight!
Enjoyed tonight at Independence's Hop and Barrel! Thanks! Hope to catch ya again!!! :) Beth
Thanks for playing the Jefferson Mint Festival. You were great! Look forward to seeing you next year. Bill
Just to let you know we have checked out your web site. When is the next C D coming out? Bombay??
Loved you at Phoenix. Great music.
Hi, Ted. I thought you might get a laugh out of this pic: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=494837063924222&set=a.112525928822006.18768.111710248903574&type=1&theater
Congrats on nomination for CD of the year!!! Looking forward to you guys coming in May.
Really great!! I thought you played at the Red Lion? Let me know when you do so I can come and hear you. Janie Martin www.JanieMartinSings.com
Great music luv the harp
What a great time on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Vaughn's corner in Salem. Great sets, polished band, great fun stage presence brothers, and thanks for sharing the mike Ted! Keep on 'rockin the blues'. Lou & Tracey
Tell Ian Hi for me...This is Tracy from Vons Corner..the Bartender...So Loved the SHOW !!!!:) And Im looking forward to catching up with you guys at Max's in Silverton on Aug 13 th ??Is that correct or was it the 23rd? Ok Bye for now..
4th of july, Riverside Park, Salem OR. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!! What a show. Top of the line entertainment. This is the real thing, if you like the blues, You will love these guys, if not,your gonna change your mind . Ted Vaughn has it dialed in with his harp and the rest of the guys rock the house right along side of him. Give them a shot the next time you get the chance (you won't regret it) Dave
Y'all sound funderwul, keep it up.
Hey there, Just wanted to let you know we love your music and think you are one of the greatest bands out there. Awesome stage performance too. You Rock!!
Heard you at the Red Lion last weekend and can't wait to see you all again!!! Great music, great show, and great people. Could go on and on about each members talent but at the end of the day you guys jell and and play so well together it is extrodinary!!! Thank you all for sharing your talents and love of music.
Hey- We saw you guys at Iron Horse Casino. With out a doubt, one of the best bands we've seen in years (and we see a lot of bands). If you aren't playing Vegas, you should be !! Hope to see you up this way again soon. JT and Linda
Hello, Ted! Greetings from the dry side of the state. Nice write up in the Business Journal. Give me a shout on Yahoo or Skype some time and lets catch up. - Paul
Hi everyone- we got back to England on 28th Feb--we really enjoyed meeting you all at the Red Lion,Salem. Thank you for the great music and for making us feel so welcome--lovely to meet such friendly people!
hello all (from country of Morocco)
Just a killer sound guys. My wife and I loved the last show we caught and look forward to seeing you again later this month. We plan on making the trip down from Seattle just to see you guys!
WOW!!! I recently got the honor of seeing one of your shows at the Salem Red Lion Inn. You guys are amazing. You are the whole package. My son Jimmy has been bugging me for a long time to come on down for a look-see. Very glad I did. I will be bringing his wife and maybe a couple of my daughters to see your New Year's Eve show. See you all there.
Hey guys..... it's the fat guy from Salem Red Lion who works the front desk...... love your shit!!!!! ALWAYS glad when i know you're playing our lounge.... if i'm forced to listen to our bands, by god the least they could do is play proficiently!!!! You guys go above and beyond "proficient"!!!! total ASS KICKING!!!!-------much love, Jimmy---------------
Enjoy listening to you guys at the Red Lion when I am working on those nights. Keep the sounds moving on.
hey man that's cool music, sounds good . I need a CD
Hi! I am Terry's girlfriend and thought I would send a hello to you all!! Take care and hope to see you sometime soon. Thanks, Angela
Hello from a very old friend from Texas. I just got your CD Born to the Blues and it is great! My favorite is Uncertain Texas. You have a great group there, good luck with them. Wish I lived close enough to come see you live.
My husband and I saw you first at the Davenport Day's in Silverton. And had a blast!!Then had the wonderful pleasure seeing you at the Red Lion on the 22nd. And, my husband and I have not ever been out dancing in the 4 years that we have been married. We danced and it was romantic and terrific. We stayed until closing. Your band just seem to be a great team. Each bringing something special and making the best music. We will definitely be there again in September.
Ted, You know you are my hero and got me more immersed in the blues than I had ever been before. Now when I have a choice, I choose the blues........It's been great seeing your growth from where you were with the "Road Runners" to where you are now; an honest to god Bluesman! I just wish I could make it to some of your gigs at the Red Lion Inn and drink in the good times you guys must be having. Always thinkin' 'bout ya! You Rock my Blues World. Peggy done Good Too! Best Always, B1
Well so far we have been fortunate to make it to 2 of your performances 1 at the Davenport Days and the one at The Red Lion as well.They were both awesome.You all are wonderul and it makes it so much more enjoyable to see your whole-heartedness and dedication to one another as a team. We all had a wonderful time!! You are all great and have a great & lovely family like band. God bless your band and everyone in it..I wish you the best in all your future appearances.
I am not much of a blues girl, but I truly enjoyed watching your performance. I would enjoy coming again. The drummer is awesome for such a young guy.
Hey I like the band, but the guitar player looks like Benny Hill. Damn right Buddy Guy has the blues, but so does Ted Vaughn and his Texas Tornados. So keep on keepin on ya'll and remember, don't think the grass is greener and don't let the same dog bite you twice. And,as my old friends from Texas used to say, "How....High Are You?"
Great show at the Lion Inn 08/22/09, had a blast!
The Lead Guitar player is a definite plus to the band and the bass player is exquisite. And as always the keyboardist and drummer are the best of the best. You sound terrific too Dude!
I really enjoyed your music last night at the Red Lyon. Thank you so much for singing my song "Lucille" I love the way you do the "Little Richard Version". I can't wait to see you guys again, you made my vacation complete.
What a sharp looking band. You guys really sing and play some nice Blues!!!!! .... Im especially fond of the singer!!!.Fantastic job on the website !!! Top notch !!! I have to go listen to the CD again, now that I watched the video,,,,, TTYL..... Blues on!!! I MISS YOU GUYS
I'm coming to town next month to see all the guys and get a Ted Vaughn Band fix - You Never Get Tired Of Their Sound. (there is just so many times you can play the cd's before you need a visual). Ted, we love you guys!
nice sounding band
These guys sound incredible, I have gone to many of the Ted Vaughn Blues Band performances and their music is truly addictive. I highly recommend checking them out.
rock on brother. looking forward to clay joining up! see you soon. Tom ps- thanks for the short beers